About Us

We are a Strategy innovation & Strategic Growth design company. We re:Imagine™, re:Energise™ and re:Design™ businesses, aligning Strategy, People, and Execution towards Outcomes for up to 10X scale.

Our Vision:
“We will change the way Businesses are Designed.”

Our Mission:
“Be the top Strategy innovation & Strategic Growth design leader in Southeast Asia that empowers businesses to Win.”

Our Brand Promise:
"Clarity that delivers Growth.

Our Core Values

WIN-WIN-WIN or No Deal

WIN-WIN-WIN or No Deal


Committed to Client’s Clarity for Growth


Being Open, Respectful and Collaborative

WIN-WIN-WIN or No Deal

Communicate the Truth with Compassion & Empathy


Our Client’s Success is Our Success


Growth Mindset with Continuous Learning

Our Partners


Strategy is NOT theory or frameworks.
Strategy is about choosing the
Optimum Path to WIN.

We facilitate over 700 strategic questions in our journey to understand your business, industry, business model, what customers truly wants, how to be truly Solving, your business environment, and how you currently operate.
How do we do it?
We believe that all Intent must align to the desired Outcomes, and that all our Actions & Decisions are based on the 5 choices of our Strategy, which are:

1/ Winning Aspirations: We facilitate our Clients to re:Imagine™ their business Purpose, Vision, Mission, Brand Promise and Core Values that shall align and drive the entire business towards their desired business Outcomes.

2/ Where to Play: We facilitate the design-thinking with our Clients through our business re:Design™ methodology to choose and make data-driven decisions on market positioning, industries, geography and channels with a Go-to-Market plan to help them identify right-fit Customers to serve.

3/ How to Win: We empower our Clients to develop the ability to empathise with their right-fit Customer's pains, challenges, problems and blockers so that their Products/Services become truly Solving. We guide our Clients to innovate their Products/Services to deliver a clear Brand Promise, strong Value Propositions and achieve Product-Market Fit that delight their Customers.

4/ Core Capabilities: We re:Energise™ the People in our Client's organisations and transform the HR dept. into a Human Capital & Organisational Development team to implement Culture as the secret-sauce of the business to attract, develop and retain talent that drives the Organisation to thrive.

5/ Management Systems: We facilitate the design and implementation of OKRs as a Strategy to Execution tool to move the entire Organisation towards its Winning Aspirations and desired Outcomes, allowing teams to achieve Outcomes every 90-days.

Our Scaling-Up! Playing to Win™ methodology has helped us deliver business Outcomes for our Clients consistently since 2018, allowing them to execute their Strategy with Clarity, Confidence and Conviction.
We developed a new service with Scaling-Up! Ventures that has helped us increased our selling price by 7X and our right-fit Clients gladly buys from us without hesitation due to our stronger Value Proposition, Brand Promise & Guarantee.
Nicholas FooFounder & Managing Director, Leads Global Pte Ltd

Our Strategists

Moonshi MohsenRuddin

Managing Director & Principal StrategistMoonshi MohsenRuddin

Aaron Tan

Positioning & Growth StrategistAaron Tan

M&A and Finance StrategistMacy Thong