Stop the Loss of Your Hard-Earned Profits! Get the Cost Clarity Calculator for SMEs to Calculate the True Costs of Unsolved Problems in Your Business.

Discover the steps this $20m SME took to realise their unsolved problems are costing them $3.39 million worth of wasted man-hours, rework & lost opportunities per year.
Drive Your Business to Greatness

Warning Signs: Are Unsolved Problems in Your Business Holding You Back from Growth?

You have no time to think and develop strategy for the business because you’re always stuck in firefighting mode.
Customer satisfaction is low due to poor execution and disconnect in your service delivery.
Gross profits are not growing despite decent sales because of unplanned costs eating into your margins.

Identify Your Top Problems with Precision

Not all problems are equal. Your business could have Pains, Challenges, Issues, Blockers or Frictions (PCIBFs). Categorising and ranking your PCIBFs empowers you to develop solutions more effectively.


Quantify the True Costs of Each Problem

What is the cost of each problem to your business if nothing was done? Without answering this question, the impact will always be subjective based on the role of the person evaluating it. That is why most SMEs do nothing about their internal problems.

Prioritise & Start Solving Your Most Costly Problems Now!

Begin solving your business' most pressing PCIBFs. This prioritisation strategy ensures you're not just busy, but productive, calm and effectve in tackling the most expensive problems first.


What's In It For You?

Create a sense of urgency: highlight immediate action steps to solve root problems that are causing pains to your customers and employees.
Allocate resources based on facts, not based on emotion.
Systematically tackle the most pressing issues first.
Delegate with ease: assign projects & tasks effectively with budget clarity.
Drive sustainable business growth: focus on solving problems that are causing your business to stay stuck.

“I’m very used to thinking of the problem, but today I saw a process where we are given a very tangible process to work through the problems.

We might have blockages, but we can make a choice on the next best decision, based on data not emotions.”

Alvin CHOW

“This was good to step out of the day to day operations and identify areas to improve and put actions towards that.

The most important step is to identify problems and find solutions, rather than to swim in problems year after year.”


“It was unexpected that we have so many problems in the company we didn’t know about, weren’t able to measure, and so not able to implement solutions!

Now we know the seriousness of each problem measured by a specific cost.”


About Scaling-Up! Ventures

Scaling-Up! Ventures is a Strategy Innovation, Growth and Service design company, founded by Moonshi Mohsenruddin, with 23 years of entrepreneurship and venture-building experiences.

A 3X founder, with 1 IPO exit and 2 acquisitions, and past CEO of a tech company of 12 years, Moonshi led the company from a small team of 12 staff into a regional tech company with 98 employees, partnering and serving over 1,000 SMEs and MNCs such as Alibaba, Facebook, IBM & DBS Bank.

Moonshi believes in transforming businesses by design, making them adaptable and scalable enterprises through Clarity of Strategy, alignment of People, and Precision of Execution. Today Moonshi is also an Affiliate Faculty at SMU (Singapore Management University) where he teaches Strategic Thinking & Executing Strategy to SME Leaders.

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